Sunday, 11 May 2014

My Civil Service Interview 2013

Some decisions change the way one looks at the society. When I started preparing for this coveted exam, never in my dreams had I imagined that I will land up at Dholpur House one day. But the day came due to my consistent effort, patience and diligence. My interview was on 29th April 2014 in the afternoon session. In the past one month, I faced a lot of excitement. I did a lot of research on my DAF as well as the city, state I live in and the organization in which I am working. The day came and I got myself ready for the interview. My parents dropped me and I took their blessings and entered the building. I felt that I was the least dressed as others were wearing coats in so much scorching heat. I was allotted table no- 16. After document verification, we were informed that our is Manbir Singh’s board. My trn was third. I got a call after 1 hour and started walking towards the room.
The person opened the door for me.
Me: May I come in Sir?
C: Yes, yes. Come.
I had to walk a long distance. I came near the chair and wished them. They told me to sit. I dragged chair with utmost care as every step and action is noticed by them.
C: Dear Sahil. You are from Haryana. Right? (Yes, sir). The violence against female has been rising. Do you think that it is a recent phenomenon. What steps have been taken by the government and what is needed to be done to stop this.
Me: Sir, violence against women is pervasive. It was present in past as well as contemporary times. Only the character of that violence has changed. First violence was committed in the form of Sati and Purdah System and now it is committed in the form of rape, female foeticide etc
C: Yes. You are right but what is the reason for that.
Me: Sir, the patriarchal mindset and in my state mainly the Khap Panchayat.
Chairman asked something about Khap system
Me: Sir, khap system has been becoming progressive with time. The recent decisions by Satrol Khap Panchayat to allow inter caste and inter-religious marriage is one such example.
C: What else should be done?
Me: Sir, the enforcement of the law. The consistency of law is more important than severity of law. Most of the criminals go scot free due to lax implementation of law. (Stopped in between. I was about to go give more suggestions). Passed the baton to member.
M1 was probably an academician with a broad smile on his face.
M1: Sahil, what do you think about the transport system in India.
Me: Sir, the road and railway system is in bad condition due to lack of funds, clearances, rise in accidents, people travel without reservation in trains etc etc
M1 asked a lot of questions on transport system. Came to railways. " Why despite of the fact that government has went for online reservation, most of people don't use it.
Me: it may be because of digital divide and they do not have the know how of how to use computer.
M1: How to improve railway transport??
Me: Increasing the bogies of the train and increasing the frequency of such trains by increasing their speed.
M1: ok, let me take one example. If I put 50 bogey in a train, will i be able to run it?
Me: Actually sir, that would require engines of greater power. We must have to go for electrification of tracks as well. Most of coal based engines do not have the capability.
M1: Do you think that coal engines are used in India???
Me: I am sorry Sir, it is diesel engine. (smiled). he smiled back.
M1: Despite widening of roads, there is increase of accidents. Why?
Me: Sir, that require proper monitoring of speed of vehicles. Further lane system should be strengthened and proper lighting of the roads must be done.
M1: What is EPCW? (i think he asked about some word like that)
Me: (after bit thinking)Sorry Sir, I never heard of this word.
M1: (smiled) hehehe. Have you done micromave in your graduation.
Me: Yes, Sir.
M1: then you must be aware of this. Anyways
Chairman Pointed to member 2. She was lady. Gosh, i expected less hawkish attitude from her.
She particularly asked me about media houses and their use of information as well as some conditions on right to freedom of speech and expression.
I was able to explain her that we need to appoint a regulator to govern media houses.
M2: There is no regulator for them.?
Me: I think they are self regulating.
M2: what else needs to be done?
Me: Sensitization of news must be avoided at all times. Further, they should encourage creative writing backed by content writing i.e. they must have the objective data to back their point of view. Civil society must be a stakeholder and all decisions shall be taken in consensus. etc etc
Some more questions were asked but I hardly remember them. Chairman stopped her in between and asked another member to continue.
M3 was a bit peculiar with no expression on his face. He mainly concentrated on education sector problems and problems of older people. I was till now wondering, why i spent so much time going for so much research as nothing is being asked from my DAF.
M4 was probably a psychologist. He was smiling sarcastically and was not even listening to answers.
M4: So, your optional is sociology. Tell me the social aspect of your city or the state to which you belong?
Me: Shall i tell you about my state or city?
M4: Your city
Me: Sir, it is a multi-cultural society( i was wondering myself) as it is situated on Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan border. It comprises of different groups from sikhs to haryanavis to rajasthanis. Due to green revolution there has been increase in overall per capita income. However, no industrial growth. (After that i became numb. How can i forget social aspects. Hell with me).
M4: Anyways, leave it. Does Sirsa has a cantonment?
Me: No, Sir.
M4: Which town you come across when you come from Sirsa to Delhi?
Me: Sir, Fatehbad, Hisar, Hansi, Rohtak, Bahadurgarh and Delhi.
M4: Is there any cantonment in Hisar?
Me: Yes, Sir.
M4: What else is it famous for?
Me: I am unable to recall. (Oh God. I forgot about Jindal steel and Haryana Agricultural University).
M4: What is the proportion of Sikh population in your city.
Me: I am sorry Sir. I dont know.
M4 : Make a guess.
Me : Sir, Max 25%.
M4: He nodded. ( I don't know why)
Chairman: Ok Sahil. Your interview is over.
I thanked every body and left.